No Fee Debit now at the TFM!

Cash Mob or Token Mob…it’s your call! 
Run out of cash and you got to have those tomatos? 
Tremont Farmers’ Market is now accepting Debit Cards with no ATM Fees!  
Here’s how it works! 
  • Stop in at the customer service booth with your debit card. 
  • You must withdraw a minimum of $20 with no maximum.  
  • After your transaction is complete you will receive Tremont Farmers’ Market Red wooden tokens for use only at the the Tremont Farmers’ Market. 
  • Your tokens are good for anything at the market including our fresh prepared food, tshirts or recipe books! 
  • Simply pay your vendor with the tokens, get your cash change and you are good to go!
  • Tokens may not be redeemed for cash without a purchase. You can use them at any of our Tuesday markets!

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